The Challenge of Divorce in the Present Day Society

Marriage is designed not only for the purpose of uniting two people, but also in building a strong family that will love and care for each other until the end. Couples who decide to bind a knot sometimes are able to maintain a happy marriage for many years. They usually share a harmonious home together with their children. The kids are able to feel secure and comfortable with the loving and caring presence of their parents who also serve as a good role models as they grow. Most of the time, children also learn all the desirable traits which develop them to be a better person.

However in the present day society, this becomes an exception rather than a standard. Some marriages started to fail due to common reasons that made a person forgot all the things that he or she promised during the marriage. Unfortunately, it is not only parents that suffer from this family issues, children who are involved in divorce get to be more affected that sometimes lead them to a crucial situation.

When divorce happens in times that children are still at their very young age, undesirable effects could be minimized. They can be taken out of the conflicts whenever divorce is not taken for a legal trial unless the court requires. Children should also be protected against any violent situations and act of hatred between parents. Harsh and violent happenings inside the home leaves an enduring impression on a child's mind even at their very young age.

Within the situation of older kids, the harm is tough to control. Divorce could have a lot of disadvantages to the children involved. They tend to get confused on how to divide their time between their parents who reside in a different home. They will find it hard to get along with other people when either parents choose to relocate with or marry another person. It also adds more confusion whenever they had to share parent's attention with their half-siblings. Sometimes, children tend to blame themselves in destruction of their happy home. This usually switch to serious emotional and mental alterations in his personality.

On the other aspect, children with separated parents are lacking with proper guidance. They tend to develop a negative mindset regarding marriage and relationships. In the future, they maybe learn from that negative experience, but when they encounter they same family problems, they would also find divorce as an option to end their relationships. Learn more about divorce and family law at     © 2014      Sign in or register